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Chainsaw Chain

Oregon Chainsaw Chain:
 OREGON® saw chain is used as original equipment by approximately 90 percent of the world's chain saw manufacturers and by most of the world's professional loggers, farmers, and homeowners.
Here's why:
  • Advanced manufacturing materials, innovative product features, and extraordinary quality that maximizes the high value built into chain saws.
  • Cutting chain that is trouble- free---that cuts every type of timber, stands up in any kind of weather, and stays together in all cutting conditions.
  • Cutting chain that stays sharper longer than most saw users expect, but is easy to resharpen when the time comes.
  • Cutting chain that's made in many types and sizes to match the power of most saws, and the kinds of use for which each saw is designed.
  • Cutting chain that has lubrication, sharpening, low-vibration, and low-kickbackfeatures built right in.
Need Help Finding the right chain for your saw ?
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