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Oregon Gator Mulcher Blades are confusing which one do I use?

Posted by Administrator on 12/17/2012
Why are there so many different Gator Mulcher Lawn Mower Blades? Let us Explain why Oregon has so many different Lawn mower Blades styles for your lawn mower and make it simple to pick the right blade the first time

How to Replace the Fuel Filter in Your Lawn Garden Equipment

Posted by Administrator on 10/2/2012 to How To
How to Replace the Fuel Filter in Your Lawn Garden Equipment
Fuel filters remove debris before it hits the carburetor in your gas-powered lawn equipment. After enough use, filters can clog up and your equipment won't run properly. This article will help guide you though the steps needed to replace both in-tank and in-line fuel filters.
 You'll find in-tank filters on hand-held equipment such as trimmers, hedge clippers, Chain Saws and stick edgers. In-line filters help clean fuel in larger equipment such as lawn mowers, tillers, Go Karts, Snow Blowers and riding mowers.

Get Ready For Snow Season

Posted by Administrator on 10/1/2012 to How To
Get your Snow blower Ready for the Up Coming Season.
Last year might have been a mild winter which is good for people but not Snow Blowers. When a snow blower sits over the winter not being used many things can happen.
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