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Oregon Gator Mulcher Blades are confusing which one do I use?

Posted by Administrator on 12/17/2012
Oregon who is the largest Lawn Mower Blade Manufacture and supplier to many OEM brands has a complete engineering staff who work to supply the best blades on the market.
Oregon Gator Mulcher Blades have many advanced features now and can make a difference in your lawn.
Here are the 3 series now under the Gator Blade Family
G3 Gator Mulcher Blades - G3 Gator mulcher Blades are the Standard for most mulcher blades. with the 3 n 1 design the G3 blades can mulch , Side dischage and even bag your grass clipings so no more need to change blades each season. The G3 Gator blades have the following Features
  • Standard Thickness - most are .203 Thickness for good life
  • Rockwell Hardness - For a hard cutting tip
  • 3 n 1 Design - Mulch , Bag, and side discharge.
G5 Gator Blades - G5 Gator blades are the Long Life version of the G3 mulcher blade.
With all the features of the G3 the G5 Gator Mulcher Blades add some very impressive features which will safe you time and money ! As they always say pay a little more to get more for your money. G5 gator mulcher blades add the following features
  • All the features of the G3 Series
  • XTENDED Cutting Length - Improved cutting efficiency 
  •  Fusion® Cutting Edge - This process uses electrofusion technology to apply a tungsten carbide coating into the blade in a method that is designed to keep cutting edges sharper longer then standard blades  Less sharpening equals more money in your pocket
G6 Gator Blades - G6 Gator blades are the Heavy Duty Version of the G5 Gator Blades. G6 Blades are made for longer life ( up to 25% longer Life then standard blades) and best cut possiable of any mulcher blade on the market. As they have taken all the features of the G3 and G5 gaotr muclher blades they have added the following features
  • All the Features of the G3,G5 Gator Blades
  • Increased Thickness - up to a 1/4" thickness
  • Increased width - Up to 1/2 wider for more sharpened depth
So as you can see they offer many different choices but once you read the features you can pick the right blade for your use,
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