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How to Replace the Fuel Filter in Your Lawn Garden Equipment

Posted by Administrator on 10/2/2012 to How To

Replacing an In-Tank Filter

1. Remove the fuel cap From Tank

Remove the fuel cap to gain access to the Fuel filter.

2. Retrieve the Fuel filter

Now you can retrieve the filter. Take a piece of coat hanger or a similarly stiff bit of wire and fashion a hook in one end and a loop in the other.

Use the hooked end to grab the fuel line and pull the filter from the tank.

 3. Remove the filter

Now you can remove the filter. Use a flat-head screwdriver to slide the retaining clamp down the fuel line. Then the filter should slide right off.

4. Install the new filter

Slide the new filter onto the fuel line. Then use your screwdriver to position the clamp firmly over the filter nipple.

5. Situate the filter in the tank

Drop the filter back into the tank, then use your wire tool to make sure it's sitting on the bottom where it can filter the fuel.

Fuel Filtes on Two Cycle engines should be repleaced very year as the engines have more issues with dirty then a 4 cycle unit.

Replacing an In-Line Filter

We used a snow blower for this repair. Depending on your lawn equipment, you may have to remove shrouds and panels to access the filter. In the case of this blower, we removed one shroud.

1. Clamp the fuel lines

Use a set of fuel-line clamps--or another pair of clamps you can lock down and leave--to clamp the fuel lines above and below the filter. This will prevent fuel from leaking out of the lines.

2. Remove the filter clamps

Now you can use your pliers to slide the clamps securing the filters out of the way.

3. Remove the filter

With the filter clamps out of the way, you can slide the filter off each of the fuel lines.

4. Install the new filter

Press the new filter into each of the fuel lines. Then slide the filter clamps back into place over the filter nipples with your pliers.

5. Remove the fuel line clamps

Now just remove the fuel line clamps you installed earlier to finalize the repair.

Don't forget to replace any covers and/or shrouds you may have removed earlier.

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