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Get Ready For Snow Season

Posted by Administrator on 10/1/2012 to How To
Get your Snow blower Ready for the Up Coming Season. Last year might have been a mild winter which is good for people but not Snow Blowers. When a snow blower sits over the winter not being used many things can happen. 1) Drive Belt Dry Rots or streaches - You should check your belts on your snow blower to make sure they can handle the upcoming season. 2) Left Over Gas - Many people last year got the snow blower out used it once and that was it. But never took the gas out of the unit. Gas that is over 30 days old loses it punch and will make for a hard starting engine. Flush that old fuel out and run a Fuel cleaner through system. 3) Wear Items - Check all you wear items like Paddles and Scrappers they are the life of the snow blower and if they are worn replace.
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